We’re passed over for a promotion at work. A dysfunctional relationship has left us feeling insecure, angry, resentful.  Life has not turned out the way we expected, and the disappointment is soul-crushing.

Over time, these unresolved hurts grow within us, come out sideways and affect how we handle life.  

In Moving Forward, Pastor John Siebeling shares ten strategies taken from the Word of God for helping us to overcome the issues holding us back, embrace the possibilities, and write a  new chapter in our stories!

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What People are saying about Moving Forward:

"If you feel stuck emotionally, spiritually, or relationally, this book is for you. In Moving Forward, Pastor John Siebeling helps you identify the issues that are holding you back and equips you with specific, life-changing truth from God's Word. Unlock a new perspective, because it's time to move forward."

—Craig Groeschel, Pastor of Life.Church and author of
#Struggles—Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World


 "A life of freedom can be difficult to attain amid the chaos and distractions of everyday life. In Moving Forward, my friend John Siebeling shares the experiences that have freed him from these hindrances. He positions you with life-giving teachings to lay hold of God's best for your life."

—John Bevere, Author/Minister, Messenger International


"Moving Forward is an eye-opening book that allows readers to realize the walls between themselves and God. John Siebeling gives outstanding points and thoughts about barriers that can hold us back in life. Siebeling also gives biblical examples of how to deal with each and every battle in life. If you are someone who wants to be closer to God but feel like you are being held back by struggles in your life, this book is perfect for you."

—Matthew Barnett, cofounder of The Dream Center


"So many Christians exist, but don't truly live. Instead of rooting out the junk in our lives, we often adjust to the weight of our issues, bury them deeper, and conveniently forget about them. John's incredibly valuable book Moving Forward does not just identify cumbersome areas that deplete our spiritual lives; but also provides practical, biblical tools to help us de-clutter and change for good."

—Stovall Weems, Pastor of Celebration Church
and author of The God-First Life


"When we're young and everything we own can fit into our car, moving isn't so bad. But as we go through life we tend to accumulate more and more stuff until, eventually, the idea of moving seems overwhelming. The same thing happens in our spiritual lives; we let our baggage hold us back from living the sort of life God has for us. If that sounds like you, then check out my friend John Siebeling's new book and get ready to move!" 

—Greg Surratt, Founding pastor of Seacoast Church


"With clarity and passion, Moving Forward  reveals ten issues that can get you stuck in a downward spiral. If you just can't get past your past, John Siebeling won't let you down but gives clear steps for moving forward in your life."

—Rick Bezet, Lead pastor of New Life Church of Arkansas
and author of Be Real: Because Fake Is Exhausting

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